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Sugarloaf is open for day use!

At first sight, a blackened landscape looks badly damaged, but look closely. Trees and shrubs are already vigorously resprouting from roots, stems, and canopies! Native grasses, bulbs, and flowers thrive in a burned landscape. Occasional wildfire is ecologically beneficial to wildlands—especially a lower intensity fire (black ash). Even hot fires (white ash) don’t kill fire-adapted species such as those in chaparral.

The wildlands & wildlife need our help during recovery:

  • Post-fire soil, before the plants regrow, is especially fragile and can be damaged by human footsteps.
  • Wildlife has fewer places to hide.

Thanks for your patience! The wildfires temporarily altered park hours, trails & rules:

  • No camping until 2/15/2018. Make reservations here: ReserveCalifornia.com
  • Open hours: 8am – 6pm
  • No horses allowed (until further notice).
  • Bikes allowed only on 2 Trails: Stern Road, and Bald Mountain Road
  • Park subject to weather closures.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we resume operations & events!

Current Trail Status

Click above for a printable version of the current map (PDF).


  1. Canyon Trail
  2. Pony Gate Trail
  3. Creekside Nature Trail
  4. Stern Trail (Road) – BIKES OK
  5. Bald Mountain Trail (Road) – BIKES OK
  6. Lower Bald Mountain Trail
  7. Hillside Trail
  8. Meadow Trail
  9. Gray Pine Trail
  10. High Ridge Trail

CLOSED TRAILS (as of 2/1/2018):

  1. Goodspeed Trail
  2. Brushy Peaks Trail
  3. Vista Trail
  4. Headwaters Trail
  5. Red Mountain Trail
  6. Stern Road beyond “no trespassing” sign.

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